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Working with the client, providing informed, needs-based, and customized solutions in a timely manner.​

IT Support


Offering a range of support packages from on-demand, pay as you go through to scaled & comprehensive support...


Get in touch to find out which package would best suit your needs!


Our dedicated IT Services division offer a complete end to end solution, from the consultation, design, supply and installation to the on-going maintenance of your businesses IT systems.


We offer IT support to suit the needs of your business. From flexible pay-as-you-go to a range of support packages and fixed price contracts. Whether you require us for your sole IT support or just to offer assistance for your in-house IT manager, our team can provide and structure a service to suit your exact needs within your budget.

IT Consultation


Advice & knowledge you can trust...   

• Design, planning & implementation
• 15+ years working SME's
• Objective, proactive advice
• Virtual IT Director
• Specialising in business solutions
• Focused on increased efficiency
We work in partnership with our clients, offering advice on how to use technology to meet not only their business objectives but also increase functionality and efficiency.


We provide a comprehensive service, from providing our clients with estimates and advice to management, implementation and deployment whilst offering support and maintenance of an IT system.


We are here to offer advice but most importantly you make the decision based on all of the information!

IT Services & Data Analysis

Data Analysis


Simile can help transform raw data into vital enterprise business intelligence.


As today’s business and marketplace environments become increasingly global and complex with massive inception of new data and information, a persisting cycle of inefficiency and operational complexity emerges. In such an environment, clear visibility of risks and opportunities becomes obscured as business leaders struggle to gain information advantage in order to manage uncertainty.


Companies, therefore, can no longer afford to continue to take the traditional approach of making critical business decisions based on pure intuition and subjective personal experience. With data being the most valuable enterprise assets, Simile helps organizations transform their data assets into viable intelligence.


Our analytics services can be the differentiating factor that elevates an organization above its competitors and provides accurate visibility into ways to optimize key business processes and drive growth.

Watchguard One Certified Partner
AllWorx Authorized Partner
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