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Manage your desktop computers...​

Virtualized Desktops


Desktop computers are the IT workhorses in your business, the chances are that your staff rely on them every day. Normally your staff will have individual workstations (desktop computers) with the software they use on a day to day basis, however that software will only be accessible from that specific computer.


Here comes the clever bit...
Cloud Desktops are a new way to run and manage your desktop computers. Using Cloud desktops as an alternative means you can access any of your software and data from any computer or device via the internet. This eliminates the restrictions of a traditional computer system, giving your staff the freedom to work more efficiently from the office, their homes or anywhere, anytime!

Why use Cloud Desktop?


• Increased reliability

• Flexible working

• Increased mobility

• No need to purchase expensive servers!

• Works on most devices, including: PCs, MACs, iPads, Smartphones

• Access your software & data anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Desktop Solutions

Cloud desktops look and operate in exactly the same way as a normal desktop!

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