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Specialized IT Services Also Available:

​Data Management and Business Intelligence From database converstions to data mining to statistical analysis, we have the expertise encessary to help you transform your data into vital enterprise intelligence. Today’s business environment has become increasingly complex with massive amounts of new data and information where inefficiency and operational complexity emerges. We can help you gain the information advantage in order to manage uncertainty


Secure File Transfer Options for transferring a file to another person in a secure and encrypted manner are few or are hard to implement and use. Email offers no security and has size limits and FTP  is too cumbersome. We offer a system for encrypted trasnsmission of files that is as easy to use as email, encrypted and secure, and that can offer nearly unlimited file sizes.


Online Gift Cards Offer your clients online gift cards with your own customized templates. Online gift cards are delivered a quick and easy email containing the gift card. Enhance your revenue by offering your clients the ability to purchase gift cards while you are away or by integrating into your online store.

We work in partnership with our clients, offering advice on how to use technology to meet not only their business objectives but also increase functionality and efficiency. We provide a comprehensive service, from providing our clients with estimates and advice to management, implementation and deployment whilst offering support and maintenance of an IT system.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services allow you to overcome the limitations imposed by your physical hardware – regardless of whether those limitations include fixed resources, large investments in IT infrastructure, or tedious data replication..

Cloud Computing

Simile's hosted solutions are a great option for enterprise-wide access to applications and desktops in order to ease maintenance and shave costs and ensure consistency.

Hosted Solutions

Simile offers a wide range of IT support including: network and hardware services, security management, data mining and statistical analysis.

Online Gift Cards

Data Management

Secure File Transfer

Dedicated IT Services

Offering a complete end to end solution, from IT consultation, onsite IT support, & hardware requirements, to your cloud computing and mobile needs. With technology playing an ever increasing role in business, we are constantly investing in emerging technology to better service our clients.

IT Services

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